Gerard Way to launch DC Young Animal comics

Gerard Way
(Image credit: Getty)

Gerard Way has announced he’ll work on a Young Animal pop-up series with DC Comics.

The singer and former My Chemical Romance frontman will be curating, overseeing and writing many of the titles for the mature reader imprint, which will be published later this year.

Way says: “I am thrilled to help bring DC’s Young Animal to life, having been raised on experimental 80s and 90s takes on superheroes. I see Young Animal as a place to try new ideas, following the spirit of those books from the past but bring them somewhere else.

“I see it as an imprint where we can explore fine art, bold concepts, mature themes, and strangeness – with lots of heart.”

The series will launch in September, with Way’s take on series Doom Patrol, including art from Nick Derington. Shade The Changing Girl written by Cecil Castellucci and with art from Marly Zarcone will launch in October, along with Way and Jon Rivera’s Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye.

Finally, Mother Panic, co-written by Way and Jody Houser with art by Tommy Lee Edwards, will launch in November. To find out more, visit the Animal Imprint website.

Way also launched his comic book series The Umbrella Academy in 2007, which focuses on a dysfunctional family of superheroes with unusual powers.

Meanwhile, he’ll also release singles Pinkish and Don’t Try on Record Store Day on April 16.

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