Dunnery reveals 'daunting' re-record project


Francis Dunnery admits he's set himself a "challenging, daunting and overwhelming" challenge with his next project.

He’s begun work on an album called Vampires, set to include 29 It Bites and solo tracks re-recorded “in their original form” – and he’s invited fans to become part of the process.

The idea came to him after supporters congratulated him on the career-spanning setlist delivered at recent Sensational Francis Dunnery Band shows. He says: “I’ve been deeply inspired by all the really positive feedback.

“The last UK tour was one of my most enjoyable musical experiences in a long time. It was a huge hit from start to finish and I’d love to keep the momentum going. I’m dreadfully excited about this project – it’s just the sort of thing that I like to get my teeth into. Challenging, daunting and overwhelming. What more could a man ever want?”

Dunnery, who’ll be documenting the process on video from the start, will soon launch a backing vocals programme, explaining: “I’ll be asking fans from all over the world to sing on the album – please keep watching this space for details.”

Once complete, the Vampires release will be back with a seven-date UK tour:

Oct 25: Egremont Market Hall

Oct 26: Glasgow Classic Grand

Oct 28: Newcastle Cluny

Oct 29: Wolverhampton Slade Rooms

Oct 30: Manchester Club Academy

Nov 01: Porth Factory

Nov 02: London Bush Hall

Tracklist (order not confirmed)

I Got You Eating Out Of My Hand

Underneath Your Pillow


Screaming On The Beaches

Old Man And The Angel

Once Around The World

Yellow Christian

You’ll Never Go To Heaven

Calling All The Heroes


Feels Like Summertime

Still Too Young To Remember

The Ice Melts Into Water

Heartache Reborn

Jackal In Your Mind

Welcome To The Wild Country

American Life In The Summertime

Good Life

What’s He Gonna Say

I’m In Love

Wounding And Healing

Only New York Going On

Too Much Saturn

In My Dreams

Seventeen Fires Of Love

Yonder Mountain


Give Up And Let It Go

Whoever Brought Me Here