Firefly Burning entice Friese-Greene to studio


Longtime Talk Talk collaborator Tim Friese-Greene is producing the second album by Firefly Burning.

It marks the first time Friese-Greene has produced an album for 13 years. Firefly Burning’s second album Skeleton Hill is out on March 9 via Fathom Records.

Friese-Greene – who also releases his own music under the moniker Heligoland – says: “I caught Firefly Burning quite by chance when they were supporting North Sea Radio Orchestra in a church behind Denmark Street, and it was the first time in 13 years that I had felt sufficiently captivated by a band to want to go into the studio with them.

“They were such an unidentifiable mash-up of so many things, and yet I found it instantly made sense to me. It was in a language I instinctively understood.

“There was clearly some sophisticated musical thinking going on, but it never felt overly clever or technical – on the contrary, it seemed to be perfectly in tune with the natural order of things, and completely unforced.”

Firefly Burning have made the track We Are A Bomb available to stream. It is due to appear on Skeleton Hill.