Fear Factory US touring plans in doubt


Fear Factory say they’re having trouble convincing promoters to organise live shows across the US to mark the 20th anniversary of their Demanufacture album.

They’re currently on the road across Europe where they’ve been playing the record in its entirety. But when asked when American audiences can expect to see the live set, frontman Burton C. Bell says it might not happen.

He tells RReverb.com: “We’d like to. We’re going to figure something out. We’d still like to do a Demanufacture tour of the United States but it’s up in the air. The promoters aren’t interested.

“They are not interested – it costs money. Hopefully we’ll see that change in the next couple of months.”

Bell, guitarist Dino Cazares, drummer Mike Heller and bassist Tony Campos released their ninth studio album Genexus earlier this year via Nuclear Blast.

In September, the band said they were desperate to record a movie soundtrack to further explore their long-standing concept of man versus machine.

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