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Experimental composer Roopam Garg launches Dark

(Image credit: Dark)

Experimental composer and guitarist Roopam Garg has launched a new project Dark. You can watch a video of the track’s highly experimental frenetic section of current release Empty Phenomena, which gives a taster of his inventive and experimental approach to the instrument.

“I want my music to integrate with conscious experience,' explains Garg. "I want the music to almost disappear and permeate the environment.” 

Garg first came to the music world's attention as a Berklee graduate releasing music as The Surrealist. He's also joined the exclusive group of virtuoso guitarists endorsed by Tosin Abasi's (Animals As Leaders) Abasi Concepts guitar company. 

The current plan for Dark is to release a track a month, leading up to a full album in 2021.

"The music of Dark is less about harmonic content and more about experience." he explains. "It serves as a lens in which to look at the world through - to change one’s relationship with the internal and external."