Exodus launch title track video


Exodus have released a lyric video for Blood In, Blood Out – the title track from their 10th album, due next month.

It features the return of classic-era vocalist Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza, while previously-launched number Salt The Wound includes a guest appearance from Kirk Hammett, who left to join Metallica in 1983 without having had the chance to record.

Guitarist Gary Holt – who’s currently working on Slayer’s 15th album – says: “Time to let a fast one out of the bag! It’s fast, raging thrash. One of many on the new disc. Bay Area sickness to slap you upside your face!”

Blood In, Blood Out will be released on October 13 via Nuclear Blast.


  1. Black 13 (featuring Dan the Automator)

  2. Blood In, Blood Out

  3. Collateral Damage

  4. Salt The Wound (featuring Kirk Hammett)

  5. Body Harvest

  6. BTK (featuring Chuck Billy)

  7. Wrapped In The Arms Of Rage

  8. My Last Nerve

  9. Numb

  10. Honor Killings

  11. Food For The Worms