Ex Megadeth men put pieces in place


Former Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover has confirmed he, Chris Broderick and Henry Derek Bonner have hired a producer for their upcoming album.

The sticksman, along with guitarist Broderick, quit Dave Mustaine’s group in November and hooked up with former Scar The Martyr vocalist Bonner in the new project.

Drover previously said work was continuing on writing new material – now he reveals they’re about to start laying down tracks in the studio and a record deal is imminent.

He says in a statement: “Another very productive week. We now have chosen who will produce our new record, we have chosen our bass player and will be signing our record deal this week. All will be revealed soon. February 1st it begins.”

He also posted a picture of himself behind the kit in the studio.

Earlier this week, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson said he was sad that the pair left the band and revealed he would miss them in the studio.