Every Time I Die Jordan puts boot into selfie fan


Every Time I Die guitarist Jordan Buckley kicked out at a fan who attempted to take an onstage selfie with the band.

Buckley kicked fan Micah Barnes’ mobile phone from his hand as he tried to take a selfie with frontman Keith – who is Jordan’s brother – onstage at their show in Kansas on Friday.

Jordan then hit out at Barnes via Twitter, saying: “Stage selfies = look at me look at me I didn’t get enough attention as a kid and can’t handle five people here getting more attention than me.”

Barnes later apologised to the band on their Facebook page. He wrote: “Hey dudes, sorry for causing such an uproar about this selfie thing. I just didn’t know if I would get the chance to get a picture with Keith.

“You’re my favourite lyricist and you guys are from my home town, and I love your music. I see how it was selfish on my part. I wouldn’t want it to become a trend. All apologies.”

The video of the kick was uploaded to YouTube by user Colton Hager.

The incident comes a month after NOFX frontman Fat Mike was filmed kicking a stage invader in the head at a show in Sydney, Australia. Also in November, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor warned he would “squirt water” at any fan he spots using a phone at his gigs.

And earlier this year, Kate Bush asked fans not to ruin her shows by using cameras and phones, while Peter Frampton grabbed a fan’s phone and threw it off stage.