Escape The Cult tease debut


Escape The Cult have announced details of their debut album and unveiled a teaser video.

The band features former and current members of Primus, A Perfect Circle, King Diamond and Kamlath.

Debut album All You Want To is due for release on Monday, August 18, with a single, I’m Absolute, out on Monday, June 30.

Escape The Cult is the brainchild of Kamlath bass player Peter G Shallmin. He is joined by drummer Tim Alexander, formerly of Primus and A Perfect Circle. Mike Wead of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate is on guitar duties while French singer Matthieu Romarin, from Uneven Structure, completes the line-up.

Shallmin says of recording the album: “It was dynamic and exciting start, with blood, sweat and tears shed throughout the process and a long exhausted preparation for the attack. Every day was worth it to make it real. We were sincere in our ideas that are embodied in our debut.”

A teaser video introducing the band members can be viewed below