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Entombed AD singer LG Petrov diagnosed with ‘incurable’ cancer

(Image credit: LG Petrov/GoFundMe)

Entombed AD singer LG Petrov has been diagnosed with “uncureable” cancer.

The Swedish death metal band announced the news on social media, launching a GoFundMe page to help with treatment.

The band said: "Sad news.. LG Petrov has been struck by cancer and he is undergoing chemo treatment to try and control it. Our thoughts and strength goes out to our brother. If you want to support him In these hard times, click the link in the Bio and feel free to donate. #fuckcancer #fightforlifeandmetal"

Petrov elaborated further on his condition on his GoFundMe page.

“I’ve been hit with uncureable cancer (gallvägscancer in Swedish), and have been battling it for some time now. It can’t be removed but the doctors are trying to control it with chemo therapy. Life takes its weird turns…

“To help a fellow metalhead in need in these difficult times, feel free to donate here!”

Petrov joined Swedish death metal pioneers Entombed in 1988, appearing on eight albums before he departed to form Entombed AD in 2014. Entombed AD have released three albums, the most recent of which is 2019’s Bowels Of Earth.

Visit Petrov’s GoFundMe to donate.