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Eluveitie ex Meri Tadic details 2nd Irij album Cultura Cura

Meri Tadic
Meri Tadic (Image credit: Chris Neary)

Irij will release their second album Cultura Cura in August.

The record is released on August 15 and sees former Eluveitie violinist Meri Tadic joined by drummer Dominik Burkhalter, bassist Manu Rindlisbacher and guitarist Maze Kuenzler.

Also appearing on Cultura Cura are Anna Murphy from Eluveitie, Tommy Vetterli of Coroner, Moonsorrow’s Henri Sorvali, Joza Tadic of Then as well as Chris Neary, Manu Rindlisbacher and Ingrid Lukas.

Tadic says: “Needless to say I’m happy as one can be and hope you stay tuned for a sinful journey. Not long now.”

The artwork and tracklist for the 12-song record can be viewed below.

Irij Cultura Cura tracklist

  1. Wild Young Men
  2. The Storm
  3. Carolija
  4. Universe Of No Remorse
  5. Saljiva
  6. Where Colours Coalesce
  7. Rusalka
  8. Cur
  9. Tri Bora
  10. Mothers Sisters Daughters & Wives
  11. The Eyes Of The Machine
  12. In Paradise

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