EBB announce new EP The Management Of Consequences

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Rising prog rockers EBB have announced they will release a new three-track EP, The Management Of Consequences, on January 1.

It's the band's first release since their second album Mad & Killing Time was released at the end nof 2022. it's been qute a year for the Scottish-based sextet, with acclaimed appearances at a string of UK rpog festivals including Fision, Prog For Peart, Summer's End and Prog The Forest.

"The EP, The Management Of Consequences is, in some ways, a companion piece to the album Mad & Killing Time, in that, it deals with and resolves many of the issues raised in that album," explains singr and guitarist Erin Bennett. "If Mad & Killing Time was a comment on the human condition, The Management Of Consequences is a more personal examination of the same. Having only three tracks, although the first track is split into 3 movements, it is a more compact expression.

"The EP is dedicated to Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy which is referenced to throughout the work. The gist being: that the human condition and indeed, any condition, all find terminal irrelevance on a cosmic scale."

The new EP will be released in a 24-page, full colour booklet with loads of photos, lyrics and info on the concept. You can see the new artwork below.

Pre-order The Management Of Consequences.


(Image credit: EBB)

EBB: The Management Of Consequences
1. Silent Saviour
2. Cost & Consequence
3. Nieu

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