Early Sex Pistols recordings set for new box set release

Sex Pistols: 76-77
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A new Sex Pistols box set will be released later this year which will contain 80 alternate versions of tracks that would go on to appear on their 1977 album Never Mind The Bollocks.

Titled Sex Pistols 76-77, it’ll be released as a 4CD box set and on digital and streaming platforms on September 24, with all the tracks in the collection recorded between May 1976 and September 1977.

It’ll also include a total of eight previously unreleased versions alongside 30 tracks which will be available digitally for the very first time.

A statement reads: “This Sex Pistols set is an audio journey of demos and outtakes plotting just how Never Mind The Bollocks came to be. It wasn’t luck but instead inspiration, creativity and hard work over a short and intense period of time full of infamous and now legendary stories. 

“What follows is a background into how these tracks line up with the bands history and the release of the final album.”

Sex Pistols 76-77 is now available to pre-order.

Sex Pistols 76-77

(Image credit: UMC)

Sex Pistols 76-77: Tracklist


Chris Spedding - Majestic Studios Mixes, May 15th 1976
1. Problems
2. Pretty Vacant
3. No Feelings (Take 1)
4. No Feelings (Unreleased Take 2)
5. No Feelings (Unreleased Take 3)

Dave Goodman - Decibel Studios Mixes, July 30th 1976
6. Submission
7. Seventeen
8. Satellite
9. I Wanna Be Me
10. Pretty Vacant
11. Anarchy In The UK
12. No Feelings

Dave Goodman - Wessex Studios Sessions October 17th 1976
13. Anarchy In The UK
14. Substitute
15. (Don't Gove Me) No Lip
16. (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
17. Johnny B Goode
18. Road Runner
19. Watcha Gonna Do About It?
20. Through My Eyes
21. No Fun (Full 7 Minute Version)


Mike Thorne Manchester Square Studio Session Dec 11th 1976
1. Anarchy In The UK (Instrumental (Manchester Square backing track)
2. No Future (aka GSTQ)
3. Liar
4. Problems (Manchester Square Demos)
5. God Save The Queen (Instrumental)
6. Pretty Vacant (Instrumental)
7. No Feelings (Instrumental (EMI back tracks for TV))

Dave Goodman Eden Studio Mixes January 28th 1977 (recorded at Gooseberry Studios Jan 1977)
8. New York
9. Unlimited Edition (aka EMI)
10. Liar
11. Pretty Vacant
12. Problems
13. No Future (aka GSTQ)
14. God Save The Queen (Unreleased Instrumental)

Dave Goodman Riverside Studio Mixes 31/5/77 (Recorded at Denmark Street July 1976 but mixed 1977)
15. Pretty Vacant
16. Seventee
17. Satellite
18. No Feelings
19. I Wanna Be Me
20. Submission
21. Anarchy In The UK


Wessex Studio
1. Anarchy In The UK (Wessex Studios Rejected version Oct. 1976)
2. Did You Know Wrong (Alternative Vocal March 3rd 1977)
3. 17 (Alternative Vocal March April 21st 1977)
4. Satellite (Rough Mix April 22 1977)
5. Submission (Rough Mix April 22 1977)
6. Holidays In The Sun (Rough Mix April 22 1977)
7. EMI (Rough Mix April 22 1977)
8. 17 (Rough Mix May 16 1977)
9. Holidays In The Sun (Alternative Mix June 11 1977)
10. Body (Demo & The Banter June 11 1977)
11. Submission (Alternative Mix August 12 1977)

Chris Thomas NMTB Sessions, Wessex Studios March - August 1977
12. EMI (Outtake - March 3rd 1977)
13. God Save The Queen (Outtake - March 3rd 1977)
14. Bodies (Outtake - Instrumental June 18th 1977)
15. EMI (Outtake - August 12th 1977)
16. Satellite (Outtake - August 12th 1977)
17. Submission (Version 1 - Alternative Mix - August 12th 1977)
18. EMI (Alternative Mix - April 22nd 1977)
19. Seventeen (Alternative Mix - April 21st 1977)
20. No Feelings (Alternative Mix - April 14th 1977)
21. Submission (Version 2 - Alternative Mix - August 12th 1977)

John Boogie Tiberi Denmark Street Rehearsal Room, London, Sept 20th 1977
22. Belsen Was A Gas (Demo)
23. Belsen Was A Gas (Demo 2)


Spunk - Bootleg - Bonus Disc

1. Seventeen (Spunk Version)
2. Satellite (Spunk Version)
3. Feelings (aka No Feelings) (Spunk Version)
4. Just Me (aka I Wanna Be Me) (Spunk Version)
5. Submission (Spunk Version)
6. Nookie (aka Anarchy In The UK) (Spunk Version)
7. No Future (aka God Save The Queen) (Spunk Version)
8. Problems (Spunk Version)
9. Lots Of Fun (aka Pretty Vacant) (Spunk Version)
10. Liar (Spunk Version)
11. Who Was It (aka EMI)    (Spunk Version)
12. New York (aka Looking For A Kiss) (Spunk Version)
13. Anarchy In The UK (Denmark Street Demo July 76)    (Spunk Version)
14. Pretty Vacant (Denmark Street Demo July 76) (Spunk Version)
15. No Fun (Unedited Version) (Spunk Version)

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