Eagles will play with Glenn Frey’s son Deacon


Don Henley has confirmed that Deacon Frey, son of late Eagles guitarist and vocalist Glenn Frey, will perform with the band at the Classic East and Classic West festivals this summer.

Last November, Henley ruled out the possibility of Deacon playing with them, despite previously saying it could happen.

But with Eagles taking to the stage at the festivals in Los Angeles and New York in July, Henley tells the KTCK radio station (via Billboard): “There’s going to be an official announcement in a few days, but let’s just do it here.

“Glenn’s son Deacon is a very talented young man, and he seems to be up for the task. He’s enthusiastic about it and he’s been working real hard on it, and he’s gonna do it with us. And I think that’s appropriate.”

Henley adds: “There’s an old system both in Eastern and Western culture called the guild system, where the father is the master and the son is the apprentice.

“The trade, the craft, the business is handed down from father to son. I think it’s the only appropriate way to carry on. I don’t think I’d do it otherwise. Since it’s Glenn’s blood, it’s his son, I think that’s appropriate.”

The Classic West festival will take place at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, on July 15 and 16. The Eagles, Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers will perform on the first night, with Fleetwood Mac, Journey and Earth, Wind & Fire taking to the stage the following day.

The Classic East festival is scheduled for Citi Field, New York, on July 29 and 30, and will follow the same format.

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