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Donockley, Nolan, Stevens guest with Gandalf’s Fist

Gandalf’s Fist have revealed details of fifth album A Forest Of Fey, set for release in the autumn.

The 12-track follow-up to 2013’s A Day In The Life Of A Universal Wanderer features guest appearances from Troy Donockley of Nightwish, Clive Nolan of Pendragon, John Mitchell of It Bites and Matt Stevens of The Fierce And The Dead.

It’s the band’s first work as a four-piece band after founders Dean Marsh and Luke Severn promoted touring members Stefan Hepe and Chris Ewen to full-time roles.

Marsh describes the album as the “psychedelic, folk-tinged journey of a young girl trapped in a malevolent woodland.” It’s available for pre-order now.


  1. Childhood Ghosts

  2. Gardens of the Lost (featuring Troy Donockley)

  3. A Forest of Fey (featuring Donockley)

  4. The Figure Speaks

  5. The World We Created

  6. The Circus in the Clearing (featuring Donockley)

  7. Blood for a Royal Pardon (featuring Donockley)

  8. Drifter on the Edge of Time (featuring Clive Nolan and Matt Stevens)

  9. Forest Rose (Coming Home)

  10. Return from the Tournament (featuring Donockley and Dave Oberle)

  11. Stories Old and Stories Told (featuring John Mitchell and Stevens)

  12. A Poison Tree