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Donald Trump thinks GN’R’s November Rain is the greatest video in history. Of course he does

(Image credit: Tom Pennington/Paul Kane/Getty Images)

As if he hasn’t provoked Axl Rose’s ire enough, Donald Trump has called Guns N’ Roses November Rain “the greatest video of all time.”

According to former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the US President forced her and fellow aide Hope Hicks to watch the famously OTT clip in the Oval Office.

The president told Hope and me in the Oval [Office] he wanted the classic Guns N’ Roses song November Rain added to his rally playlist,” writes Huckabee in her new book Speaking For Myself. “He told us it was ‘the greatest music video of all time’, and made us watch it to prove his point, even though neither of us disagree.”

Trump’s love for November Rain video is unsurprising. The 1991 clip is a famously expensive and incoherent blow-out that cost a reported $1.5 millon to make – including $150,000 to build a white chapel. The president played the song at a campaign rally in Michigan on September 11, 2020.

While Trump’s penchant for hanging out with rock stars is well documented, this is likely to be a one-way love-in. The GN’R singer has been one of the president’s loudest and most unexpected critics. calling him “a truly bad, repulsive excuse for a person”, labelling his administration “shitbags”, and lambasting the president for using GN’R’s music at rallies without permission.

Unsurprisingly, Axl has yet to return the admiration.

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