Deftones are the most popular metal band for soundtracking sexual encounters, a horny new survey finds

Deftones and couple in bed
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A new study has revealed the artists and genres people listen to most when having sex.

The survey - compiled by ZipHealth - has examined the sex-soundtracking music preferences of 1,000 people, and analysed over 11,000 songs and 150 playlists to rank which songs and artists are among the most popular with people who enjoy listening to music during their most intimate connections with fellow humans.

As per the findings, the most popular genre among, er, 'love makers' is pop music, followed by hip/hop, R&B/Soul, indie rock, alternative, and EDM. Coming in last in the poll, in seventh and eighth spot, respectively are heavy metal and classic rock.

Please note: no-one at Louder took part in this survey. Just saying.  

As well as genres, the study also lists the artists and songs that appear most frequently in sex playlists. Considering that heavy metal isn't apparently that favourable with deed-doers, it's unsurprising to see just one alt. rock song in the top ten track list, with Nine Inch Nails' notoriously frisky S&M anthem Closer placed at number five.

For those wondering, the sexiest song was Nicki Minaj's Super Freaky Girl. Clearly, these people haven't found our collation of horniest metal songs. 

However, Deftones ranked at number three in the most popular artist list, just below The Weeknd and Kanye West.

When it comes to the taste of specifically metal fans, the music of System Of A Down and Slipknot reportedly makes for popular love-making soundtracks. Riiiiiiiiiight.

What's more, according to the data, metal fans are the most likely to have fetishes, (ranking in at the top spot!) with 72 percent of metalheads reporting to having a fetish of some kind. 82% of metallers have also reportedly had a one night stand. 

Further data includes the amount of heavy metal fans who participate in orgies and threesomes, which you can find in the full study on ZipHealth.

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