Disturbed's Down With The Sickness mixed with The Spice Girls' Wannabe is the most cursed mash-up of the year

Disturbed, The Spice Girls
(Image credit: Travis Shinn, Spice Girls)

We've heard a lot of great (and some down right weird) mash-ups this year, but this might possibly be the strangest. Created by the questionably named DADS MAYO, the mash-up maverick has blended together Disturbed's anthemic Down With The Sickness with The Spice Girls' 1996 pop-party classic Wannabe.

The result? Pretty bizarre to be honest, and we're not so certain how well they mix. Oddly enough however, this is still an earworm in disguise, hidden by janky unconventional melodies and funny vocal hooks. 

Our favourite moment, unsurprisingly, is the introduction, where David Draiman's trademark  'OH WAH AH AH AH' is introduced. As the final kooky line of Wannabe's chorus is sung: 'I wanna really, really, really wanna zig-ah zig', the metal singer lets out his animalistic call. Truly a vocal match made in heaven.

Over in the comments, fans are loving it. "Ah, finally a song I can showcase how my childhood playlist sounded" writes one listener. While another says "WHOEVER MADE THIS, YOU HAD NO RIGHT MAKING THIS SO FIREEEEEE". 

This isn't the first time the '90s pop icons have been used to feature in a metal mash-up. A couple years ago, YouTuber Bill McClintock blended Wannabe with Slipknot's Sulfur, and titled it If You Wanna Breathe My Sulfur by Spiceknot.

Listen to Down With The Sickness x Wannabe below:

Most recently, we stumbled upon a similarly cursed mix of Wham's Last Christmas and Limp Bizkit's Break Stuff, which together made the ultimate anti-Xmas anthem. Because yes, sometimes, the holidays really do just make you feel like rippin' someone's head off.

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