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Dillinger covered by string quartet

A New York-based string quartet have released their take on Dillinger Escape Plan’s 43% Burnt.

The track, which originally appeared on the band’s 1999 debut album Calculating Infinity, was recorded by viola player Earl Maneein and his orchestral outfit seven)suns. View it below. He’s joined in the group by cellist Jennifer DeVore, and violinists Amanda Lo and Andie Tanning Springer.

Maneein says: “This was our first run through of Dillinger Escape Plan’s 43% Burnt. Note the pink balloons. Now that shit is hardcore.”

Relapse Records and Party Smasher Inc have just released the first three Dillinger albums on vinyl: Calculating Infinity, Miss Machine and Ire Works. The band are currently working on their sixth album.