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Devin Townsend Project record due in September

The Devin Townsend Project will begin recording a new album in March – ahead of a September release.

Mainman Townsend says the record is tentatively entitled Transcendence and that it features a theme of “getting over yourself.”

The DTP record is just one of a number or works being juggled by the Canadian musician. He has a book and a symphony in the works too.

Townsend tells Metal Wani: “I can tell you — it’s about getting over it. Getting over yourself, getting over all that stuff. And I’m not saying that I am. But the point of it is, that seems to be the next step.

“I’ll get into situations with people that I’ll be really irritated by them. And recently there’s been this sort of thing that’s been going on in my process where I’m, like, ‘This is your problem. This is not that person that needs to change, it’s you and how you’re reacting to them.’”

He says he hopes the experience of this record isn’t as stressful as that of his 2014 effort Z2.

Townsend adds: “Because Z2 happened amidst the crowdfunding, amidst touring and just lots of shit, it was really a challenging and tiring experience.

“So I’ve tried to spend this year really putting the pieces together. So now that we are working on a new DTP record, the process will be more streamlined, more efficient and more fulfilling.”

Townsend will play two dates in Atlanta later this year. He’ll appear at the Center Stage Theater on September 9 and at ProgPower USA the following day.