Devil Wears Prada go Supernova on Space EP


The Devil Wears Prada frontman Mike Hranica has confirmed one of the tracks on their upcoming Space EP is titled Supernova.

And he says while they’ve been playing it live, they haven’t revealed its name unit now.

He tells the Metal Hammer Radio Show at Rock On The Range: “There’s a song we’ve been playing on the last two tours called Supernova.

“You knew about it a little bit at school but actually going into it is really interesting. Trying to bring those characteristics of a supernova to a kind of romantic song and a somewhat metaphorical song was a lot of fun. I think it worked well.”

He continues: “It translates very well to metal which is another necessity to making the Space EP. You have to make lyrics that match the sound to some extent – and a supernova translates well.”

The Ohio outfit split with co-founding guitarist Chris Rubey in March and promoted guitar tech Kyle Sipress to take his place.

A full tracklist and release date for the Space EP will be issued in due course.

Hear more news from Rock On The Range via the Metal Hammer Magazine Show over the coming week.