Deftones’ Chino Moreno on Stephen Carpenter’s flat Earth theories: "I’m surprised he’s not more of a meme"

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Deftones’ Chino Moreno has shared his thoughts on his bandmate Stephen Carpenter’s flat Earth and vaccine theories. 

Guitarist Carpenter – who is of the persuasion that a) the Earth isn't a sphere, but a flat disc, and that b) Covid vaccines are ineffective – has voiced his views on numerous occasions, both publicly and in conversation with his bandmates.

When asked about what he thinks of Carpenter's obscure theories while speaking on The Peer Pleasure Podcast, Moreno notes that despite harbouring some "outlandish" viewpoints, the guitarist doesn't receive as much ridicule as you might expect. "I’m surprised he’s not more of a meme," the frontman says. "I think there may be a couple.

“But, it was actually tough for a minute, because obviously I’ve been friends with him since I was 10-years-old," he continues. "And, you know, he wasn’t always this way.”

Theorising over where Carpenter's alternative way of thinking might have come from, Moreno explains, "I will say that the weed probably has a ‘lil bit to do with his conspiracies and this and that and whatever, because he just, you know…

"And then probably sitting at home, just looking on whatever sites he looks at. [It] probably doesn’t help being smoked out and all that stuff and whatever."

Although Moreno finds the guitarist's firm beliefs in conspiracies bizarre – if not a little worrying – he takes comfort in the fact that where the band is concerned, their opposing opinions usually manage to stay out the way of their creative and personal relationship. "When we’re together it’s like we don’t even talk about any of that stuff," he muses. “We play music, we laugh, we have a blast playing music. [We’re] still friends the way we were when we were kids.

"But it’s not like I haven’t heard him go on his tangents before and it’s just like I’ll listen for two minutes and then I just can’t, you know what I mean? ‘Cause he’ll just go off into no man’s land.”

Despite describing Carpenter’s “views on the world” as “a little outlandish,” Moreno is still happy to admit that he “fucking loves” the guitarist.

“He’s really, really sincere… And he’s smart – which is crazy – he’s very loving. He’s probably one of the most generous people that I’ve ever known in my whole life," the frontman adds. 

Although Moreno may take Carpenter's conspiracies with a pinch of salt, others certainly haven't been as accepting. In fact, the guitarist was subject to widespread criticism after he shared his views on the conspiracy theorist podcast Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli last year.

Following his appearance on the show, his comments were spread across the web. In response, Carpenter declared that he "never had the intent to upset anybody" and that he was "just giving his opinions".

Speaking of the backlash, Moreno said, “You can have your opinion but you gotta know the consequence once you say it. And the consequence is probably gonna be a lot of people talking shit.

“Sometimes it’s like just keep it to yourself, you can believe in whatever – I’m saying for his own good. I’m not saying that he has to keep it to himself because we don’t want to hear it. I’m just saying if you don’t want to get ridiculed sometimes just don’t say some outlandish shit.”

“But I will say that I don’t think anything that he says is coming from a negative place either. Because he’s, like, really worried about society.”

Listen to the interview below:

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