Decapitated plead not guilty to charges of rape and kidnapping


All four members of Decapitated have pleaded not guilty to charges of rape and kidnapping.

Michal Lysejko, Waclaw Kietlyka, Rafal Piotrowski and Hubert Wiecek are alleged to have participated in the gang rape of a woman on their tour bus after a show in Spokane, Washington, on August 31.

All four are charged with first-degree kidnapping, while Kietlyka and Piotrowski are charged with second-degree rape. Lysejko and Wiecek face charges of third-degree rape.

The Spokesman-Review report that they appeared in court in Spokane yesterday for an arraignment hearing with their lawyers and pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The trial for all four will begin on December 18 after Kietlyka’s lawyer Steve Graham pushed for that date so his client could be back home for Christmas.

Graham added: “It’s hard for me to be patient when I know these guys are innocent. We just want to get in front of a jury of 12 people as soon as we can.”

Decapitated were arrested in Santa Ana, California, in September and were subsequently extradited to Spokane.

Last week, the band issued a statement firmly refuting the allegations against them.

Decapitated 'strongly deny' kidnap and rape allegations