Watch David Gilmour talk about perfection

David Gilmour

David Gilmour can be seen discussing his attitude to musical perfection in a new trailer for upcoming concert movie Live At Pompeii. Watch it above.

The film was shot during his 2016 return to the historic amphitheatre where Floyd recorded their own Live At Pompeii in 1972. But Gilmour’s return was the first time since the first century AD that an audience had attended a performance in the venue.

In the clip above, he says: “You want the whole thing to start and finish and have kind of a narrative. You’re not imposing a narrative on it that has a specific meaning. But you’re having a narrative of moods that run you from the start to the finish.

“I’m kind of into perfection in a way. But at the same time I don’t consider that playing the songs perfectly as on the record is my idea of perfection.

“I want it to be live music. I want the people who play with me to have some autonomy. I’d rather that we go for something and enjoy playing and making music.”

Gilmour has also released another clip from the show, featuring his band’s performance of Today, which can be seen below.

David Gilmour Live At Pompeii is to to be shown in select cinemas around the world on September 13 before going on general release on September 29.

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