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Daily prog show launches on Internet Radio station Radio Albatross

Radio Albatross
(Image credit: Radio Albatross)

A brand new daily radio show "exploring the broad canvas of the progressive music and art rock world" has launched on Internet radio station Radio Albatross.

Games Without Frontiers, hosted by Prog reader Paul Leader, will air daily, between 10-11am and 4-5pm.

Says Paul: "From the proto prog of bands like the Beatles and the Beach Boys, to the prog giants like Genesis, Yes and Pink Floyd. From the neo-prog of Marillion and Twelfth Night to the progressive pop of 10cc, ELO and XTC. From the electronic experimentalists of the 80's like Tears For Fears, Ultravox and Japan, to the post--progressive artists like Radiohead, Elbow and Steven Wilson. Taking in post-punk, the experimental and the brave. Boldly going where no music has gone before."

Radio Albatross can be found using the TuneIn app, which means you can listen to it via a digital voice-activated device such as Amazon Alexa or online here.