Curved Air will record again


Curved Air vocalist Sonja Kristina is certain the band will record a follow-up to North Star, their recently-released first album since 1976.

But she says they’ll take time to recover from the “volatile” experience of making the follow-up to Airbourne, which saw the departure of guitarist Kit Morgan and the return of 1970s member Kirby Gregory.

Kristina tells The Arts Desk: “With Kit leaving just when we started recording and Kirby coming in, we had to re-examine all the ideas, and we had to challenged each other.

“It was quite volatile at times – but we kept coming back to the task and worked through a very stressful year.”

North Star, which was launched last month, includes seven new songs alongside a collection of re-recordings and covers. Kristina reports: “Everyone says the music is right for who we are and that it’s right for the Curved Air name.”

Asked if the band plan to record again she replies: “Not in a hurry. Yes, we will do more recording – but it has to be beautiful.”

Curved Air discuss _North Star _in more detail in the current edition of Prog, on sale now.