Crossfaith announce Xeno comic book


Crossfaith have announced they’ll release a comic book based on the story of their latest album, Xeno.

The band’s fourth album was released last week – and the Japanese outfit have revealed the first page from the publication. View it below.

Singer Koie Kenta says: “One night, keyboardist Tamano Terufumi and guitarist Takemura Kazuki were working together at a motel and they showed me the title track Xeno. It blew my mind, so I started writing a story to match the fact there were so many different types of songs on the album.

“I created two characters – one guy who wants to destroy the world, and a female cyberbrain both called Xeno. He can’t stand to live in this world because he thinks humans have ruined it, and she wants to learn what it is to be human. She dives into his mind, and the story starts from there.”

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Crossfaith embark on a UK tour with Skindred in November.