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Converse All Star combined with wah wah guitar pedal

The Converse Chet Atkins Wah Star
The Converse Chet Atkins Wah Star

A creative design agency have developed a Converse All Star shoe with a built-in guitar wah wah pedal.

Critical Mass developed new technology that allowed them to built the effects pedal into the sole of a Converse Chuck Taylor sneaker and they’ve named it after Chet Atkins – the guitarist who pioneered use of the wah wah pedal.

Staff at Critical Mass say: “We wanted to make Chucks even more rock’n’roll. So we thought, why not turn one into a wah wah pedal? Having the idea was the easy part, the difficult part was learning to make it.

“The amount a wah wah pedal moves up and down is measured by something called a potentiometer. In order to allow the Converse, as it flexes, to act as a wah wah pedal, we needed to replace the potentiometer with something called a flex sensor.”

In a video explaining the concept – which can be viewed below – staff reveal how the sensor then wirelessly sends the information it gathers to a digital potentiometer.

The creators of the unique shoe add: “Finally we came up with a name for it – the Chet Atkins All Wah, after Mr Chet Atkins, the first guitar player to use a wah wah pedal.”

There is, as yet, no details on whether the Chet Atkins shoes will be available to buy or how much a pair will cost.

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