Code Orange avoid pigeonhole trap


Code Orange drummer Jami Morgan has revealed the band scaled back Reba Myers’ vocals on latest album I Am King to avoid being pigeonholed.

He says they were unhappy being tagged as “the really heavy band with the female vocalist” so they made a conscious effort to bring the guitars to the fore on the follow-up to 2012’s Love Is Love/Return To Dust.

He tells this month’s edition of Metal Hammer: “We shared vocal duties more this time and we wanted to push Eric Balderose’s guitars towards the front. We didn’t want people just to focus on one thing and that one thing not being the music.”

They released a hard-hitting promo for the album’s title track earlier this year – and the drummer says they enjoy making people feel uncomfortable.

He continues: “We’ve always taken comfort in making people uncomfortable. We’ve never felt part of a scene. We’ve toured with great bands like Nails and War Hungry but always feel different to everyone around us – that’s a positive thing.”

For more, see the latest issue of Metal Hammer magazine, out now.