Career-spanning six-disc box set on the way from Hawkwind

Hawkwind in 1974
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Hawkwind are to have a career-spanning six-disc box set released this December. Dust Of Time: An Anthology will be released through Atomhenge/Cherry Red on December 10, and is the first ever compilation to gather together all eras of the band’s history, spanning 1969-2021.

Highlights of the new set include Dave Brock's cover of Willie Dixon's Bring It On Home, which was on the 1968 album The Buskers, the Hawkwind Zoo demo track Sweet Mistress Of Pain from 1969 and various different single edits and live and session versions.

“I look at the track listing for this set and it emphasises just how many good songs we've done over the years,” says band leader Brock. “We've had so many talented people involved, and they've all done their bit to move us forward. Each line-up has put its own stamp on Hawkwind, which is why every era has its own individual style.”

Dust Of Time: An Anthology is available as a six-disc box set, as well as a two-disc set, and features a lavishly illustrated book with new essay and exclusive interview with Dave Brock and a poster.

You can view the artwork and tracklisting for both versions below.

Hawkwind have just released their latest studio album Somnia.

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Hawkwind: Dust Of Time: An Anthology

Disc One:
1 Bring it On Home (Dave Brock 1968)
2 Sweet Mistress Of Pain (Hawkwind Zoo 1969)
3 Hurry On Sundown (mono single version)
4 Be Yourself (All Good Clean Fun edit)
5 Mirror Of Illusion
6 Master Of the Universe
7 You Shouldn’t Do That
8 Silver Machine
9 Seven By Seven (single version)
10 Born To Go (live) (Greasy Truckers Party version)
11 Down Through The Night (live) (Space Ritual version)
12 Urban Guerrilla

Disc Two:
1 Brainstorm
2 Space Is Deep
3 The Watcher
4 Orgone Accumulator
5 The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke)
6 Wind Of Change
7 Paradox (single version)
8 It’s So Easy
9 Assault and Battery/The Golden Void
10 Magnu
11 Spiral Galaxy 24968

Disc Three:
1 Steppenwolf
2 Chronoglide Skyway
3 Kerb Crawler (single version)
4 Back On The Streets
5 Spirit Of The Age
6 Quark, Strangeness And Charm
7 Hassan I Sahba
8 PSI Power (single version)
9 The Only Ones (non-cross faded mix)
10 25 Years (single version)
11 The Age Of The Microman (live)
12 Robot
13 High Rise
14 Death Trap (single version)
15 Over The Top

Disc Four:
1 Shot Down In The Night (single version)
2 Lighthouse
3 Levitation
4 Motorway City
5 Who’s Gonna Win The War (single version)
6 Dust Of Time
7 Running Through My Back Brain (Messages) (live 1980)
8 Angels Of Death (alternate single version)
9 Rocky Paths
10 Virgin Of The World
11 Angel Voices
12 Nuclear Drive
13 Looking In The Future
14 Choose Your Masques
15 Arrival In Utopia
16 Solitary Mind Games

Disc Five:
1 Night Of The Hawks
2 Dragons And Fables
3 Needle Gun
4 Zarozinia
5 Moonglum (live)
6 Magnu/Dreamworker Of Time (BBC session 1986)
7 Cajun Jinx
8 The War I Survived 9 Heads
10 Tides (BBC Radio One “In Concert” 1988)
11 Wastelands Of Sleep (BBC Radio One “In Concert” 1988)
12 Wings
13 Ship Of Dreams
14 Treadmill
15 LSD

Disc Six:
1 Space Is Their Palestine
2 Right To Decide
3 Alien I Am
4 Sputnik Stan
5 Love In Space (studio version)
6 Take Me To Your Leader
7 The Hills Have Ears
8 Synchronised Blue
9 A Solitary Man
10 Have You Seen Them
11 All Aboard The Skylark
12 Strange Encounters


Disc One:
1 Hurry On Sundown (mono single version)
2 Mirror Of Illusion
3 Master Of The Universe
4 Silver Machine
5 Urban Guerrilla
6 Brainstorm
7 Space Is Deep
8 Orgone Accumulator
9 The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in Smoke)
10 Paradox (single version)
11 Assault And Battery/The Golden Void
12 Back On The Streets

Disc Two:
1 Steppenwolf
2 Kerb Crawler (single version)
3 Sprit Of The Age
4 Quark, Strangeness And Charm
5 PSI Power (single version)
6 High Rise
7 Shot Down In The Night (single version)
8 Motorway City
9 Angels Of Death (single version)
10 Heads
11 The Right To Decide
12 Alien I Am (Roswell edit)
13 Love In Space (studio version)
14 Strange Encounters

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