Cannibal Corpse reveal details of 13th album


Death metallers Cannibal Corpse are hoping 13 is a lucky number as they prepare to release new album A Skeletal Domain.

After 12 big hitting records the band are lining up their 13th for a September release date.

And they have made one track from the album – _Sadistic Embodiment _– available to stream. See below for audio.

Bass player Alex Webster recently described A Skeletal Domain as “evil”.

He said: “Some of it, it’s very evil-sounding stuff. So I think our fans will be very happy. There’s nothing on here that’s even a million miles close to being a sellout. It’s definitely full-on evil death metal. I think everyone will enjoy it.”

Cannibal Corpse: A Skeletal Domain tracklist

  1. High Velocity Impact Spatter 2. Sadistic Embodiment 3. Kill Or Become 4. A Skeletal Domain 5. Headlong Into Carnage 6. The Murderer’s Pact 7. Funeral Cremation 8. Icepick Lobotomy 9. Vector Of Cruelty 10. Bloodstained Cement 11. Asphyxiate To Resuscitate 12. Hollowed BodiesCannibal Corpse: Sadistic Embodiment