Butcher Babies issue teaser trailer


Butcher Babies have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming covers EP.

Uncovered launches on October 6 and features tracks by ZZ Top, Napoleon XIV, Suicidal Tendencies, SOD and The Osmonds.

And singer Heidi Shepherd previously said the decision to include Crazy Horses by The Osmonds was an easy one – as it reminds her of growing up.

She said: “When I came across Crazy Horses, it was the heaviest song I had heard at that age. I would play it over and over again – I was addicted.

“To this date, it’s still one of my favourite songs and reminds me so much of growing up in Utah.”

The EP is available to pre-order direct from the band’s website.

Uncovered tracklist

  1. Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers (ZZ Top) 2. They’re Coming To Take Me Away (Napoleon XIV) 3. Don’t Give A Fuck (Suicidal Tendencies) 4. Crazy Horses (The Osmonds) 5. Pussy Whipped (SOD)