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Sykes to addicts: Ask for help

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes has urged fellow drug abuse victims to seek help.

He admits he reached rock-bottom before looking for assistance, and wants others to be spared the experience.

The vocalist is recovering from an addiction to ketamine, which he owned up to last year, admitting he “wanted to die” at one point.

Skyes tells Billboard: “For me, it had to get to its absolute worst for me to make a change. Hopefully others won’t have to.

“This may sound like the lamest advice in the world – but, talk to someone. Figure out why you’re addicted.”

He insists that people aren’t born or destined to become addicts and adds: “There’s always an underlying problem, whether it’s self-medicating, using it as a coping mechanism, or using it not to feel altogether.

“First work out what it is, then work out a healthy way to combat the problem.”

He believes communication is the most powerful remedy. “I can’t stress enough how much talking helps. I was so reluctant and first – I didn’t think it would.

“But even if there’s no answer to your troubles, they seem so much smaller once they leave your head.”

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