Breaking Orbit detail Transcension


Breaking Orbit will release their second album on May 29, they’ve confirmed.

Transcension is the follow-up to the Aussie prog outfit’s 2012 debut The Time Traveller and was recorded at Sydney’s The Grove Studios with producer Dylan Mitrovich. The nine-track record promises to take listeners “from the softest of instrumental breaks to the most complex and intense heavy moments.”

Singer Matt Quayle says: “We have evolved alongside the creation of this album. It’s not only a continuation of the story of The Time Traveller, it’s a massive leap forward for us as well.”

Transcension will be available form digital outlets as well as in physical formats on the band’s website.


  1. Transcension Pt 2 2. When Isis Starts to Cry 3. Become The Light 4. Song Of The Sea 5. The Glitch 6. Namaskar 7. Another Race 8. Eternity 9. Transcencion Pt 3