Bonnie Raitt releases Gypsy In Me studio clip


Bonnie Raitt has issued a live studio version of her track Gypsy In Me.

The song features on her latest album Dig In Deep which is set for release on February 26 via Redwing Records.

Raitt is the cover star of the latest edition of The Blues Magazine – and she says the title of the record came from her desire to keep pushing herself to come up with fresh musical ideas.

She reports: “As you sing many records’ worth of material, you have to dig deeper, otherwise you’re just gonna be mining the same exact topic, in the same way.

“I’ve already got a whole repertoire of really killer ballads. So every record is almost like peeling back an onion. Y’know, you gotta go a little bit deeper.”

Raitt will play dates across North America, mainland Europe and the UK in the coming months. She’ll be be joined on the road by her established members George Marinalli, James Hutchinson and Ricky Fataar, plus recently-added keyboardist Mike Finnigan.

The full interview with Raitt is in the latest edition of The Blues Magazine, out now in print, digital and via TeamRock+.

Bonnie Raitt Dig Deep tracklist

  1. Unintended Consequences Of Love
  2. I Need You Tonight
  3. I Knew
  4. All Alone With Something To Say
  5. What You’re Doin’ To Me
  6. Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes
  7. Undone
  8. If You Need Somebody
  9. Gypsy In Me
  10. The Comin’ Round Is Going Through
  11. You’ve Changed My Mind
  12. The Ones We Couldn’t Be