Ben Craven announces Last Chance To Hear


Australian singer-songwriter Ben Craven has announced that his third album will be titled Last Chance To Hear.

No release date has been set for the follow-up to Great & Terrible Potions, but Craven has issued a stream of the track The Remarkable Man. Hear it below.

Craven says: “Last Chance To Hear is loosely inspired by the end of the music industry as we knew it. There’s never been a time when so much new music was being made by so many people and being listened to by so few people.

“The concept of paying for new music is now alien to a lot of the audience. Digital downloads have made physical media virtually obsolete. Streaming services mean that anybody making new music is now competing with the whole history of recorded music – and the album format is in danger of becoming extinct. There’s never been a time full of more ‘opportunity’ than now. So I made an album about it.”

The album will feature guest contributions from Billy Sherwood and William Shatner, with Craven saying the new material is a “logical progression” from his previous release and adds: “The arrangements are more confident and more purposeful. But probably the biggest difference is that there are fewer vocals on this new one.

Last Chance To Hear is more about having the confidence, and presumably the competence, to let the music do the talking.”

Further details will be issued in due course.