Barock Project split with vocalist Luca Pancaldi

Barock Project
Barock Project

Barock Project vocalist Luca Pancaldi has decided to leave the band after 10 years with the Italian outfit.

He points to 2015 album Skyline as a milestone and reports that after its release he’s taken stock and has come to the conclusion now is the right time to step away.

Pancaldi says: “During 10 years of musical adventures with Barock Project, a lot has happened – even more is happening now and who knows how much and what will happen in the future?

“Memories of us in the early years waiting for that ‘turning point’ that every musician is looking for – years in which we played a couple of concerts, when we rarely met for playing and practicing, years in which we were simply expecting something to rain down from the sky.

“With the release of Skyline, that something finally appeared. Interest in the band began to increase and, with it, a commitment that each of us must make this project in order to sustain a stable growth. After a careful analysis of what my chances and aspirations are, I came to realise that now is the best time to separate from Barock Project.”

He says that his “other career paths” make it difficult for him to fully commit to the band but adds: “I wish my fellow passengers all the success and achievement they deserve, and that is finally appearing on the horizon. Always and forever, a Barock fan.”

Barock Project keyboardist Luca Zabbini says he understands and accepts Pancaldi’s decision and insists the split won’t affect their friendship.

Zabbini adds: “I can only wish him the best, and I also want to thank Luca and hug him on behalf of all the guys, because it’s also thanks to him if this band became something above average.”

Luca, drummer Eric Ombelli, guitarist Marco Mazzuoccolo and bassist Francesco Caliendo will reveal their new vocalist in due course.

Barock Project issued their double live album Vivo earlier this month.

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