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Babymetal to mark 10th anniversary with series of projects, before they "disappear from sight"

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Babymetal are to mark the end of their 10 year anniversary celebrations with the release of a series of projects that honour their accomplishments across the last decade.

According to a mysterious statement from Babymetal HQ, following this release, the "grand finale" will see the band "disappear from sight" when their "10 year legend" is "sealed" from the world on October 10, 2021. We're not entirely sure what this all means, if we‘re honest, as it's typically oblique Fox God language, but the suggestion seems to be  – if we‘ve deciphered this correctly – that Babymetal will be going on some sort of hiatus.

The group's commemorations began on October 10 of last year, and they‘ve since released a greatest hits compilation album, 10 Babymetal Years, prior to finishing up a run of 10 performances known as 10 Babymetal Budokan at the Nippon Budokan between January and April 2021. The final anniversary offering will be the project series, titled Babymetal Legends.

Following the completion of the ten Budokan performances, it was announced that Metal Resistance's 10th and final episode came to a close after a 10-year battle, which saw Babymetal depart from this world to become a "Living Legend".

The latest revelation from the Fox God reads: "Sunday, October 10th, 2021… Together with all 10 episodes of METAL RESISTANCE coming to a close, the 10-year legend will be sealed from the world. Until that seal is broken, BABYMETAL will disappear from our sight. Time is running out. There is no eternity in God’s descent."

Be sure to check back for updates once we have them and have figured them out.

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