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Austin Carlile 'getting closer to 100%’ health

Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile has given a health update as he recovers from surgery.

And the singer, who received emergency medical attention last month because of complications from the genetic disorder Marfans, says he’s on the road to full recovery.

He says on Twitter: “Today was my first day ‘out of the house’ since my surgery. Getting closer to 100% with every passing week. Almost out of the woods.”

He later added: “Physical therapy is going well but it sure is kicking my a$$. Three times a week! Have to get better. Have to keep pushing. Nothing comes easy.”

The band have been waiting for Carlile to return to full fitness before committing to future live shows. They’re still scheduled to play the Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville on October 34 and Ozzfest Japan on November 21.

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