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Are Dream Theater About To Unleash Massive Concept Project?

Dream Theater’s website has recently undergone something of a transformation, prompting fans into thinking the band have begin teasing about their highly anticipated new album.

Visitor’s to the band’s site,, are currently directed to a holding page that features two bold logos, offering fans the option to sign up for The Great Northern Empire or The Ravenskill Rebel Militia. Those that do sign up are simply greeted with another holding page and the phrase ‘Thank You’. With no access to the band’s main site accessible at present, rumour is rife that the band have begun the countdown to the release of the follow-up to 2013’s Dream Theater album.

Little information has been forthcoming about a new album from the band, but we are aware that a release had been pencilled in for 2016. In a recent interview with Prog magazine, guitarist John Petrucci told band biographer Rich Wilson “There’s been no shortage of ideas. Without going into detail, this is huge undertaking, what we’re doing. We’ve been working really hard and probably longer on this than other albums in the past. But you’ll see why?”.

This has given rise to suggestions that the new album might be a hefty concept piece in the mould of Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory or Octavarium. If so, then do the two different factions on view on the website might give a clue as to the nature of the concept?

Watch this space…