Architects Kick Off UK Tour (Setlist Inside)

Architects got their UK tour underway in Manchester on Friday.

Here’s what the boys from Brighton have been playing [spoilers, obviously]:

Architects Manchester Academy 2 Setlist



Alpha Omega

Even If You Win, You’re Still a Rat

Day in Day Out



Follow the Water

Colony Collapse

Black Blood

Devil’s Island

Early Grave

Broken Cross


Red Hypergiant

These Colours Don’t Run

New and pretty damn swell Architects album _Lost Forever // Lost Together _is out now via Epitaph.

**Lost Forever // Lost Together **Tracklist

  1. Gravedigger

  2. Naysayer

  3. Broken Cross

  4. The Devil Is Near

  5. Dead Man Talking

  6. Red Hypergiant

  7. C.A.N.C.E.R

  8. Colony Collapse

  9. Castles In The Air

  10. Youth Is Wasted On The Young

  11. The Distant Blue

Order the album here

The Brighton crew will be joined by hardcore veterans Stray From The Path and Aussie metalcore mob, Northlane at the following venues:

Mar 11 Cardiff Solus – TICKETS

Mar 12 Birmingham Institute - TICKETS

Mar 14 – London KOKO – TICKETS