Anthrax would kill for more zombie action


Anthrax would love to work on the soundtrack for zombie TV series The Walking Dead, after they contributed to the recent Game Of Thrones mixtape.

They contributed Soror Irrumator to last month’s Catch The Throne free release, tied in with the latest season of the fantasy fiction hit.

It follows guitarist Scott Ian’s onscreen appearance in The Walking Dead, and their zombie-inspired track Fight Them Till You Can’t on 2011 album Worship Music.

Drummer Charlie Benante tells Metal Sucks: “I would love to do something like that” – and adds that he recalls with pleasure their work on John Carpenter’s 2001 movie Ghosts Of Mars.

He says: “We would watch a clip and then get inspired by that clip, and bam – music would flow. I would love to do this again. John, are you listening?”

Anthrax recently described their upcoming album as a return to their thrash roots. But Benante says the change was not intentional.

He explains: “It’s just how the riff comes out of me. I get an idea then the rest of the guys hear it, and we all lock in – and it becomes this Anthrax sound.

“I will say that there are some thrash tunes on this one. I guess that’s just the way it went.”

Anthrax’s 11th release is expected this year. The band tour North America later this month with Volbeat and Crobot, then appear on Motorhead’s Motorboat cruise in September.