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Amon Amarth make an appearance in new Marvel comic

Amon Amarth
(Image credit: Steve Brown/Photoshot/Getty Images)

In the debut issue of Marvel’s Heroes Reborn comic, the hammer-wielding God of Thunder, Thor, can be seen repping a T-shirt of a familiar metal band.

The merchandise in question features the Swedish viking metal group Amon Amarth, who responded to their inclusion in the comic by posting to their social media.

They write “The God of Thunder himself, Thor wearing a familiar shirt in @Marvel’s issue #1 of Heroes Reborn!”, followed by “Skål!”, which means “cheers” in Swedish. 

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In related news, acapella metal band Van Canto have released a cover of Amon Amarth‘s Raise Your Horns. The track will be listed on Van Canto‘s upcoming album, To The Power Of Eight, set for release June 4.

They explain: “Raise Your Horns is a very special cover for us. For the first time Van Canto tackled a song where the lead vocals are consistently in the lowest growl register.”

“Thanks to the constellation of having three lead singers, Hagen could spread out in the lead, while Inga can set high, almost orchestral accents and Sly leads the choir together with Jan.”

“For the first time in a while it’s also a song where a “real” riff sets the direction, so that the Rakkatakka and bass singers are extremely busy as well. A great composition by Amon Amarth, that we gladly pay homage to.”

Listen to the track below: