Amon Amarth Hegg in Viking movie trailer


Amon Amarth frontman Johan Hegg features in the trailer for upcoming adventure film Northmen – A Viking Saga.

Hegg stars as Viking warrior Valli in the movie, which was filmed in South Africa and Germany and is set for release on October 23.

Johan says: “Valli is a very experienced warrior and has a strong bond with his younger brother Bjorn. Valli looks brutal with his broad back and leather-dominated clothing. He has already experienced and survived a great deal. His face is full of scars.”

Hegg’s Viking-related lyrics with Amon Amarth – and his imposing physical stature – helped him land the role.

Ralph Dietrich, chief executive officer of the film’s production company Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, says: “It is an honour to have metal icon Johan Hegg set sail with us and we could not be more excited. Such a fitting addition, Johan’s music, as the lead singer of Amon Amarth, is synonymous with the Viking experience that we are bringing to life in Northmen - A Viking Saga.”

Amon Amarth released their ninth album Deceiver Of The Gods in June.