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Alice Cooper: I always looked at Metallica as being THE metal band

Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper (Image credit: Francesco Prandoni - Getty)

Alice Cooper has praised Metallica saying they spoke for a generation that was previously “afraid to say they were metal.”

Cooper was speaking with AXS TV’s At Home And Social online show this week about a variety of topics including his new single Don’t Give Up.

He was also asked about the year 1984 and his recollections of Metallica and their track Fade To Black – and what people thought about the band at the time.

Cooper says: “That was my first year of sobriety. I got sober in 83, so 84 came along and a lot of things in rock had changed. Metal that was underground is now at the forefront: bands like Iron Maiden – and then here’s Metallica who are getting played on the radio who would not have ever gotten played in the 70s. It was a new era.

"I always looked at Metallica as being THE metal band because they were so good at what they did. They had the anger, they had the songs, they had the stage presence, and they never did a bad show.”

Cooper adds: "They spoke for a generation that before was a little bit afraid to say they were metal. Now these kids are going, ‘Yeah, we want a little anger in our rock’n’roll. We don't want it to be nice.' 

“That's why they liked me, because I wasn't nice – Alice Cooper was a threat. And I think Metallica were a threat, but they were also making hit records.”

You can watch the full video interview below.

Cooper’s video for Don’t Give Up launched last week, with the vocalist previously calling on fans to share either a photo or a video of them holding up signs with messages of unity using lyrics from the track. More than 20,000 responded, and Cooper hand-picked his favourites to be included in the final promo.

He said: “It’s a song about what we’ve all been going through right now and about keeping our heads up and fighting back together… and whatever you do – Don’t Give Up!”

Cooper will release Don’t Give Up as a limited edition 7-inch picture disc on August 14 through earMUSIC, which will be available exclusively through the label’s online store.