Alan Reed rejoins Pallas for new studio album

(Image credit: Alan Reed)

Alan Reed has announced that he has rejoined Scottish prog rockers Pallas! Reed made the announcement in a new blog post, saying "Much to everyone’s surprise – including my own – I seem to be working on a new Pallas album."

Reed fronted the band from 1986 to 2010, replacing original singer Euan Lowson and singing on their acclaimed second album The Wedge, released in 1986, Beat The Drum (1999), The Cross & The Crucible (2001) and The Dreams Of Men (2005). Reed was replaced by singer Paul Mackie who sang on XXV (2011), Wearewhowerae (2014) and The Edge Of Time (2019)

"I rejoined the band over a year ago and have finally started adding vocals to the project. The album will be called The Messenger, and it will have six tracks. And that’s as much as I’m at liberty to discuss about it thus far."

Reed reveals how he reconnected with his former bandmates over  a drink wuth founding keyboard member Mike Stobbie, and, having heard new material courtesy of manager Mike Bentley, which he describes as "possibly the album of their careers", he hooked up with bassist Graeme Murray, keyboard player Ronnie Brown and guitarist Niall Mathewson.

With Mathewson now based in Cambodia Reed admits there won't be live performances and that he will also continue with how own solo career, but the band are looking to release The Messenger later this year.

"There are also some putative plans for archive re-releases," he continues. "The old albums are now out of print, and we are keen to have as much of that as possible back in the public domain."

You can read Reed's full blog post here.

Jerry Ewing

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