The most rock'n'roll cats according to Twitter

There can be no argument: cats are the most rock'n'roll animal of all time. Dogs? Too bouncy. Goats? Too stupid. Cats stay out all night slaughtering rodents to offer bloody sacrifices to their masters, they have supernormal senses and they treat everyone with complete disdain. And they have claws, for fuck's sake. 

So, in honour of International Cat Day, we asked our Twitter followers to share pictures of their rock'n'roll-loving furballs. They did not disappoint. Below, we compile a selection of the best rock'n'roll kitties the internet has to offer. 

If you have a photograph you'd like to share, send it our way on Twitter.

Here we have Billie, a fearsome floof machine who's clearly going for some sort of sponsorship deal with Fender. One thing's for sure, Billie's a cat who's turning the cute all the way up to 11.

When a cat aggressively asks you if you're ready to rock, there's only one answer: yes, Master Mittens, yes we are.

One of these pictures was taken before this cat listened to the new Five Finger Death Punch album, and one was taken after, but which one's which?

Even those horns can't stop this little furball from being a bona fide cutie, but top marks for effort. 

We usually don't endorse blurry pictures in any way shape or form, but with a cat who looks this delightfully grumpy, we simply couldn't resist.

Eric's come here to kick ass and chew catnip, and he's all out of catnip...

We're guessing ol' Rosie here just heard about all those new AC/DC album rumours.

Okay, so these aren't the most rock'n'roll looking cats we've ever seen, but they're literally called Rock and Roll, so you can't say fairer than that.

This incredibly metal cat joins us from the brooding skies of South America, where the skies may be dark, but the metal's even darker...

No rusty cages for Moomin, who's singing along to Soundgarden from the comfort of her owner's front seat.

Ah, Buster, mate. We've all been there.

Tilly comes from the land of the ice and snow, but please can you let her in again now because she's feeling a bit chilly, thanks.

Susan's metal moggy can help you purr-fect your metal vocals.

It's hard to be sinister when you've got this much floof, but this li'l guy just about pulls it off.

Ginger cats are the most brutal of all cats. Sorry, we don't make the rules. 

We're not sure about the serene meadow scene surrounding him – swap it out for some gloomy woods or icy mountainscapes if you ask us – but with a name like Odin, how could we exclude this majestic beast? 

He may have a positively adorable little heart-shaped button nose, but he also bloodied his face by gnawing on a raw steak, so, y'know. 

Okay, so there's nothing discernibly rock'n'roll about this cat, but just look at the lovely little unit!

Cat-zl Rose, if you will.

This cat has just remembered Nick Jonas' pitiful guitar solo and is laughing at his pathetic rock'n'roll skills.



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