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Nick Jonas' crap guitar solo is the gift that keeps on giving

Nick Jonas guitar solo American Country Music Awards
Nick Jonas performing at the Academy of Country Music Awards (Image credit: Getty)

Remember the Jonas Brothers? It’s probably best that you don’t to be honest, but one of their pack (who goes by the name of Nick) is being rinsed on the internet for ballsing up a guitar solo on live television.

If you’ve not seen Nick’s solo during his duet with Kelsea Ballerini at the Academy of Country Music Awards, here are all 12 seconds of painful glory:

Pretty bad, right? Now we’re not saying that Nick is bad at guitar – the ACM wouldn’t have booked him to play if his fingers were uncoordinated Frankfurters – but we are saying that he fucked up on live television in front of his friends, family and fans. It’s what’s known on the street as an “epic fail”, and therefore the only reasonable way to react is by laughing and recreating YouTube tutorial videos for the ‘solo’.

YouTuber SteveTerreberry delivered a “How to” guide demonstrating how regular folk might be able to capture the essence of Jonas.

Fellow YouTuber John Huldt also recreated the solo and released a guitar tab that you can download.

Nick Jonas has since tweeted that he “screwed up the solo thanks to a huge brain fart” which is a pretty accurate description. But he’s taking the criticism well and even tweeted the John Huldt’s guitar tab for the lolz.

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