Swedish doom legends Candlemass unveil a thunderous new track

Candlemass promo pic 2018


Arguably the most uplifting of all doom bands, Candlemass broke a few hearts when band mastermind Leif Edling announced in 2012 that the Swedish legends wouldn’t be releasing any new material.

Clearly being a fan of Candlemass is an emotional rollercoaster, because not only did they return with a splendour-filled EP, Death Thy Lover, in 2016, they’re back again with four more tracks of downtuned deliverance, the House Of Doom EP, due to be released by Napalm Records on May 25.

Featuring Mats Levén back on vocals, House Of Doom is proof that the darkest vaults of heavy metal lore are an infinite resource, and the title track itself is brooding epics that crackle with arcane electricity. 

If a month is too long to wait, pause the shirt-rending and rejoice, because we have an elegantly illustrated lyric video for the track, House Of Doom.

“We in Candlemass are proud to present four new songs to the world on the new EP, House Of Doom!” says Mats Levén. “The title track is inspired by the House Of Doom game from Hyperfrost. We're also very happy that our label Napalm Records are with us all the way – 2018 will be a big year for Candlemass!”

Raise a fist and prepare to enter the House Of Doom below!

Enter Candlemass's official House Of Doom website, with a chance to win a free copy!

Jonathan Selzer

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