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Pain release bizarre video for Call Me

Pain video still
He didn't know where to look

Peter Tägtgren’s project Pain are premiering their new video for Call Me exclusively with Metal Hammer… and we have no idea what is going on.

The band themselves have been replaced with Spitting Image-esque figures and are apparently managed by a drug guzzling pervert who loves to laugh in slow motion. As the band rattle through the song to a crowd that appears to be comprised of entirely of sexy people, Joakim from Sabaton turns up! Or at least someone wearing a stretched, cartoonish version of his skin – seriously, what is going on with these puppet things?

And just as we think it can’t get any more bonkers a pill popping frenzy full of fire, champagne and scantly clad women erupts out of nowhere, then the next thing you know we’re watching one member of the band receive a literally eye popping blowjob.

Check it out.

Pain’s new album Coming Home is released September 9, via Nuclear Blast.